Thursday, 18 May 2017


North St Marys Children’s Centre had a positive spring into the year with a variety of child initiated, celebratory, and community experiences!

OOSH and Preschool services joined together to celebrate awareness and raise funds for Harmony Day and Go Blue for Autism. These were widely celebrated events where children engaged in a broad range of inclusive experiences that addressed our celebration of all children and families within our service. 

In early April the Children’s Centre was lucky enough to have United Way volunteers and North St Marys community members provide a ‘Makeover Event’ where our service was granted a new mud kitchen, mulch garden, self-watering and composting vegetable garden, painted tyres and chalk boards, timber decking around our centre, a yard pole and some indoor painting! We are overwhelmed with excitement for the positive and sustainable experiences that this makeover will provide for the children within our service and community. 

What a great term for relationships, professional and team building with the Children’s Centre!

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