Tuesday, 18 October 2016


North St Marys Preschool and North St Marys OOSH are located on the safe school grounds of  St Marys North Public School. 

During Term 3 they have been exploring diversity, inclusion and belonging to our world. Children Services have been fortunate to work with educators from Aboriginal background who engaged in a   variety of indigenous group art projects, dance and  discussions with the children and educators.

The service has also been working closely with St Marys North Public School and as a community have celebrated and participated in the Book Parade and Athletics Carnival. Preschool will continue to extend this partnership through school orientation visits in Term 4.

The children that attend our OOSH service have also planned, shared ideas and helped prepare the After School Care menu, Masterchef’s in the making! 

Our Mobile Children Service provides child care support for groups/agencies that run in the Penrith LGA in various locations. Our Mobile Educators have been busy this term supporting groups/agencies such as family support, disability, and health, through child care support for children 6 weeks to 5 years of age, making positive connections with children, making quick decisions about the best way to provide an appealing  environment and experiences for children in the variety of spaces worked in.

As one Care Pair educator has commented some children are upset when they separate from their parent/carer. “there was one child who had not left their family before, I  encouraged and engaged with them, they enjoyed many of the activities we had on offer and by the end of the course they was interacting more with the other children. Some groups run once where as others may run over several weeks.

If you would like more information about our service please call  96230331. 


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