Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Together with Paint Penrith REaD, Rooby Roo is about to Paint Penrith REaD Black and Yellow.

Rooby is getting a new vest made to be seen out in our Koori community. Maryanne Wallace the Aboriginal Educational Officer at St Marys North Public School and her Aboriginal students have been hard at work creating many different designs that will be put onto Rooby’s new Koori vest. 

Students ranged in age from Year 1 right through to Year 6. Maureen Silleri, Community Junction’s      Indigenous Community Connections Worker said “It was an interesting project to be a part of and the kids have been super great.”

Community Junction Inc. would like to thank Penrith City Council’s 2016 Community Assistance Program (CAP) for funding received for this project.

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