Wednesday, 18 April 2018


What an exciting start to the year! A big welcome back to all of our existing families, and a very warm welcome to all of our new families across Preschool, OOSH and Care Pair services.  

This term the Centre has adopted a rainforest snail which is assisting in building strong relationships and respect for the environment to kick start the year. This has lead preschool into a mini pet project where children have been bringing in photos of their pets to put on display.  Preschool have had some really strong interests and exciting events already, such as borrowing from the school Library, participating in Return and Earn exceeding $5.00 to date by recycling at our local shops, and also growing our own pumpkin at preschool and making pumpkin soup, pumpkin scones and baked pumpkin.

OOSH have had some great active interests such as fitness, cricket and soccer where children are engaging in teamwork, fairness and turn taking, as well as engaging in an active healthy lifestyle. Care Pair has been overwhelmed with supportive groups and families, and have introduced an exciting new program that promotes interest based experiences and forward planning.  

For more information on our Children Services please contact Mel on 9623 0331 or email

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